Getting to the Haut Verdon

From NICE (120 km), it takes about 2 hours by car (N202 then D908).
Note: there is also the possibility of reaching the Haut Verdon valley by train ("train des Pignes"). This railway service links NICE to DIGNE. Get off at THORAME-HAUTE GARE station ("T-H" on the map). The farm Les Transhumances is 15 km north of the station, where you'll find a connecting bus going to COLMARS-LES-ALPES.

From AIX-EN-PROVENCE (175 km), use highway A51 as far as the LES MÉES exit (or "nationale" N96); then N85 to BARÊME via DIGNE, then N202 up to ST-ANDRÉ-LES-ALPES; from there, follow up the Haut Verdon (D955 then D908). This is also a 2-hour drive.

From GRENOBLE (250 km), the highway A51 then N75 lead to the "SISTERON Nord" entrance to highway A51; the DIGNE-CHÂTEAU-ARNOUX exit is suitable for taking N85 to BARÊME and then follow the previous itinerary. It is a 3-hour drive.
Note: the distance from PARIS to Les Transhumances is about 800 km, and via GRENOBLE it means about 8-hour driving.

When travelling by plane or long distance train - TGV, Train Bleu, ... -, the most convenient access point is (usually) NICE. During the winter, special buses ("navettes") connect TGV stations and airports with Val d'Allos.

Last, but not least, during the summer the Haut Verdon valley can be reached by car from BARCELONNETTE via the "Route des Grandes Alpes" through the Col d'Allos (2240 m). Depending on the weather conditions, this pass is usually open from June to October - some years, the pass can even be used in May or November (contact the Gendarmerie or the DDE's services).

Note: the Michelin maps are: 81/08 in the "série jaune", 528 Régional and 334 Local.

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